Street Team Guidelines

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application process

  1. -Street Team applicants must give an App. Donation of $1.77 (Donation must be paid to receive application) All donations will go towards helping the Street Team Grow!!
  1. -Before the App. Donation can be processed New Applicants must supply valid email address.
  • If an applicant has limitations the Organization will do its best to accommodate such issues/situation that may arise. Once your payment is processed you will be notify by email within 30 minutes. This email will contain your receipt and application.

Applicants must be 15 year of age to apply or the legal employment age limit in the state or country of residence.

  • All Street Team applicants must submit all forms of the Street Team Volunteers application.
  • Street Team Members will be issued an ID number.
  • Applicants must agree to the Street Team Guidelines and all Terms & Policies of Free Change Inc.

(Application must be submitted to become an Active Member) All applications will be reviewed and New Street Team Members will be notified by mail. New Members will receive a welcome letter.  To protect the integrity of Free Change we reserve the right to deny membership to any applicant, at the sole discretion of the overseers at Free Change Inc. If an applicants’ membership is denied, a full refund of $1.77 for the App. Donation will be issued. There are No Refunds once an applicant becomes a Street Team Member.  There will only be refunds for over-payment and/or processing mistakes.

 imporant!!Any attempts to purposely alter or change the Street Team Volunteers application or any of the content of Free Change Inc. without authorization will result in denial of membership.

compensation dues & payment

  • There are NO salaries, hourly, part-time or full time positions when you are a member of the Street Team.
  • All Street Team Members are Volunteers who work together to receive a Commission Based Compensation.
  • Street Team Members who are compensated by Free Change Inc. will receive a 1099 tax form for the calendar year of compensation. Forms will be sent out no later than January 31, of the next calendar year.
  • Every Street Team applicant and/or donor has the right to not make any type of payments to Free Change Inc. and in doing so, No Legal Actions or No additional Fees of any sort will be administered.
  • If in any case that a Street Team Member’s Active Renewal is not renewed the Street Team Member will be deemed Inactive. After 90 days of being INACTIVE the member will be suspended.

Inactive members are not eligible to receive compensation until the membership status has become active again. This can be done by contacting the Organization or by responding to the Renewal notification on the free change website.

Suspended Re-Activation

  • Every Street Team Member is granted 90 days to comply with the Active Renewal Response. On the 91st day of inactivity Street Team Members will be subject for suspension.  If suspended you are ineligible to receive compensation and have now lost your Entry Position on the Street Team. Suspended members can reactivated there account and continue receiving compensation but only once the membership is renewed/reactive. Once a membership is reactivated a member cannot re-establish Entry Position. Reactivated members now have a new position and will be compensated as such.

Executives and Director only (Terminal Use)

  • If you have a handheld terminal New Applicant Email Addresses must be submitted in SpellingWord form:


Looks like this:         DavidDotPatfreemailDotcom

 Dot = ( . )        At = ( @ )



Looks like this:        DavidUnScPatfreemailDotcom 

UnSc = Underscore = ( _ )

This email address would go inside the description box of your Mobile Pay App when processing payments.


By submitting your App Donation, application, membership and your participation in the Street Team you agree to and accept all the Guidelines, Terms, Conditions & Policies of Free Change Inc.

*If you have read all of the information above please proceed with your Street Team enrollment.

 -Listed below are all the Payment Methods that will be used to collect payments & issue compensation: 

In-Person Terminal / Mail / Phone / Online Card Processing

-Cash/Debit/Credit Card


-Money Order/Check mail to:

P.O Box 41536 Mesa, AZ 85274

Pay By Phone:

(520) 866-1703


Mon. – Fri.


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