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Help Us! Help You!STREET TEAM WEBSITE LOGO(Applicants must be 15 years or older)

  • All applicant who become official members of the Street Team Program, are eligible to receive cash gifts. These gifts will payout as followed 1stcheck-$2.00, 2ndcheck-$20.00, 3rdcheck-$60.00 4thcheck$160.00 then the cycle will repeat itself. There is no set time frame in which a member is due to receive these gifts. Distribution is based on the growth of the program. A member/applicant can receive up to $600.00 in cash gifts. If a program member has not submitted his/or her Street Team application these gifts will stop after $600.00 has been gifted. If an program member has completed and submitted his/or her Street Team application these gifts now become benefits and will continue for as long as the Free Change Organization exist!


Changing your life and helping someone else only costs you 7 Quarters!

  1. -Street Team applicants must give an App. Donation of $1.77 (Donation must be paid to receive application) The donation will go towards helping the Street Team Grow!!
  2.  -Before the App. Donation can be processed New Applicants must supply valid email address.
  • If an applicant has limitations the Organization will do its best to accommodate such issues/situation that may arise. Once your payment is processed you will be notify by email within 48 hours. This email will contain your receipt and application.

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Phone: (520) 866-1703 Hours: M – F 9am-5pm

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