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SCHOLARSHIP LOGO     The Free Change Inc., Wright to Dream Scholarship is a program that supports higher learning, higher education, training of the mind to think, mental change, mental growth, mental development in seeking knowledge and true understanding of life and self worth. This unique scholarship program is a dedication to the hard work of many. When you can lean on the hard work of those who came before you, we must acknowledge that it’s because they dedicated their lives to creating opportunities for others. Unselfishly each one of us has a duty to dream & shine like the sun, to give life and opportunity to our children’s futures. The Wright to Dream Scholarship is an opportunity to create opportunities for our children and the next generation that will follow. Every child deserve the Right to Think, the Right to Learn, the Right to Speak, the Right to Know, The Wright to Dream on the highest levels of human achievement.

-Applicants applying for the Free Change Inc., Wright to Dream Scholarship must go through an application process. Before the application process can begin all applicants are required to contribute $3.14. This one time contribution is the beginning of a new generation for our children. Our scholarship program takes this small contribution and we start early. From Birth up until 18 years of age we build every child who applies a College scholarship Fund. This program welcomes any age group under 15yrs. Applicants should understand that the older the child is the less time the organization has to build that scholarship. No scholarship is guaranteed.This program is designed to generate money to support Education and Higher Learning by funding scholarships for minors. Legally minors cannot be responsible or liable for the approval or authorization of their personal information. All minors/applicants must have the approval or authorization of their legal parent or guardian. The parent or legal guardian must sign and complete all documents regarding the application process for the Free Change Inc., Wright to Dream Scholarship.

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  1. -Wright to Dream applicants must give an Contribution of $3.14 (Contribution must be made to receive application) The contribution will go towards helping the Scholarship Fund Grow!!
  2.  -Before the contribution can be processed New Applicants must supply valid email address.
  • Once your payment is processed you will be notify by email within 48 hours. This email will contain your receipt and application. Paypal will also issue you a receipt this is not where your application will come from. Application will arrive in your inbox from FreeChangeInc.

If an applicant has limitations the Organization will do its best to accommodate such issues/situation that may arise.

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