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webpic-yaText Only: (520) 265-7180

Email: freechangeinc@gmail.com

Email Attention: Pres.Yashiya


Birth place: Oakland, California

High School: Rancho High N. Las Vegas, Nevada

Biggest High School Achievement: Graduating on time with no kids and no criminal record. Attended 2 year Junior College at Feather River in Quincy CA. Then transferred to Minnesota State in Mankato, Minnesota on a full scholarship and became a football All-America. Greatest Life Achievement: Is the creation of the family & the family’s business. Universe-Wife, Son-Sun, Moon-Daughter, Star-Cat, the whole Free Change Family. Other Skills:  Yashiya is a good driver he drives a Taxi helping people get places safely while at the same time gives them some extra income. Childhood Hero: Growing up Jerry Rice was someone he would try to imitate. As a youth when he played playground ball he would be Jerry Rice or sometimes John Taylor, Deion Sanders. Special Things About Me: “I’m about to be very honest! This is Free Change so I can speak on it. I see signs! I see signs in numbers I see signs through children. I see signs in nature. I receive signs from TV! I have the ability to see these signs which help me to predict not the future but life. I’m still learning so right now it’s mainly just the lives in my universe that I can predict. I don’t sound to crazy do I?”Reason For Living: Is to teach his kids everything he knows about this world so that the struggle of confusion is limited. “There will always be struggles in life but I can help make my kids aware of it. So that it is no surprise when certain things happen in life. Their struggles should be totally different from mine. Can’t let them repeat my cycle. I went through it so they could do better.” Free Change means – Anything is possible when positive energy causes a change reaction it’s because you made a choice. Get to Know Me: Does everything for family and has a drive & work ethic that comes from ancestral wisdom.

Dear Twyla, Jermiah, Johnaia

I love you! Each day I spend with you allows me to grow into the man my family and Free Change needs. I spent most of my Adult life very much alone. But for the past 6 years we have been together mostly every day. One life was very lonely but very motivational. The other can be a little annoying because of different personalities but so joyful and inspiring.  After 6 years this lifestyle is still rather new and often hard for me but every day I will continue to grow a show my family that no matter what I tried the best way I KNEW HOW! I LOVE YOU!


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