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Birth Place: Phoenix, Arizona

High School: Mesquite High School Gilbert, Arizona

Biggest High School Achievement: Is graduating High School. College Name: Rio Salado Tempe, Arizona. Biggest College Achievement: Would be that she has stayed consistent and dedicated to one of the greatest school programs around. Greatest Life Achievement: Is being married for 4 years and accomplishing daily task with the kids. Both can be very challenging. Other Skills: Twyla is a lefty and has experience working retail, sales, medical, and administrative work. Special Things About Me: She loves being able to help others. Especially by providing resources that people often never hear about. Get To Know Me: Growing up she learned that she is very hospitable and continues to embrace it. Reasons For Living: Is to help others in any way that they allow her to. Free Change means – the freedom of change in the function of your mentality and lifestyle. It starts from yourself then creates infinite positive vibrations.

Dear Hubby,

I Love my husband because we both tend to share having a big heart and wanting to help others. I love him for being courageous while on his journey in this life. I Thank You for having discernment which lead to the breath of life flowing through Free Change. It has changed us as a family in our everyday life yet challenges us to grow, not just for ourselves but for others because the world has become selfish. Thank You for starting something that is not for now but generational for our family and others. Most of all Thank You for giving life to my consciousnesses!


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