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On June 29, 1982 Michael arrived in the world on the northeast corner of Florida in a place most people call Jacksonville. Growing up Michael always had a love for people. This trait was learned from his close knit family raised by a single mother.  His love for family only grew stronger over the course of his childhood until the day came where Michael would leave home on his journey of life. He took the opportunity to attend college in a small town of Mason City, Iowa where he would participate in college football. At the time his complete focus was geared towards making a better life for his family. In 2003 Michael would be offered a full scholarship to Minnesota State University, Mankato where he would presume his dream to become a NFL football player. In his 4 years at MNSU Michael also found a new love in a world of track and field. In doing so Michael came to understand the individual concepts of life and learned that, in order to make things in life happen you have to.. Focus your full potential and true dedication to achieve your dreams. With his dedication to the 200m event Michael would go on to win the 2005 Indoor National Championship title for Division 2 Track and Field it would be the first time this event was ever ran on the division 2 level. In doing so he set a standard for all athletes to follow! In order to be a champion you will have to do better. Michael is proud to say he was blessed to be a part of history. After his time in college Michael relocated to Arizona where he would eventually find his true calling of why he left his hometown of Jacksonville, Florida. 15 years later as a Co-Founder of Free Change Inc Michael finally stepped into his life dream of being able to help people. It was the only real reason Michael started his life journey. That journey include going to college, playing professional football, becoming a world class track runner and now an entrepreneur who has laid down the foundation to assist in helping people live better lives. The truth is that you can’t help everyone. Knowing this was the driving force behind the building of a system that allows all people to partake in a community support of sharing simple information to help others. With that drive the Street Team was formed a program that allows any person to receive financial assistance, if they take the opportunity. To Michael the main reason he is doing what he does today is because he took the chance and challenged himself to make the most of every opportunity that crossed his path. By taking opportunity it taught him to be a humble person by trying to understand that we all have our own path in life. But getting help along the way is a part of that growth and development. Putting others before self is one of the most important attributes his mother and grandmother installed in him at a very early age. Free Change is something Michael believes he can help people with for the rest of his life. This will serve as his contribution to the world. Michael is very excited to see what Free Change and the future holds for generations to come.


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